Tuesday, August 5, 2014

House Help (Foreign Domestic Worker)

After much deliberation with hubby, we decided to hire in-home help. 

Thanks to online blog experience sharing and government documents to guide employing easier and process friendly. One fine Sunday, hubby and I walked in Lucky Plaza with an aim to search for an in-house help, we finally choose one from Indrah Employment & Maid Agency.

We searched online and randomly visited agency offices. We have considered maids from Indonesia and Bangladesh with low English language proficiency. But we ended up hiring  a Filipina transfer maid after many interviews. I will call her Ms.V, her qualifications: transfer maid (previous employer 8 months stay), worked in Qatar, has 4 children, speaks basic English, and all around house work agreement. 

It wasn't easy nor was it not costly. But, I convinced my husband that the household work for both of us will be easier and manageable. 

Every month actual cost goes to salary, levy, insurance, and invisible cost (food at home and when out with us, shelter+toilet maintenance, clothing, transport cost, and toiletries including clothing detergent).

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Work Permit 

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