Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Birthday for Baby Zara

I want to share how we planned our lil girl's first birthday in Lion City. Internet is helpful enough as a source for wholesale and package deals for birthday party but its best to budget it your way and make it more personal. Let's start my list:

The guests. My husband and I decided to invite people who are close to us. Sadly we miss to invite some friends, so make sure you list all important people - write the names down. I also invited the babies and toddlers who have played with Zara.

The theme. We are caught between pink and red since CNY is coming up plus its hubby's fave color. Baby Zara doesn't have a definite character she likes perse, so I picked Hello Kitty all time baby friendly theme even though I kinda think Minnie Mouse is also good. We did go PINK!

The venue. We did not go far as we easily have access to the private villa closest to us. I booked the venue 3 months in advance but the dates i preferred was already booked so I chose a date closest to Zara's actual birthday. Friday dinner time it is! booked the venue 5-10pm. I wanted to arrange and decorate the place myself so here is the output. 

The banner has to be clear and at the same time kiddie. 

 Maximize the space - I made use of the TV table so I don't have to add another table.

 I made use of the window blinds continuous loop as a base for my 1st birthday white and pink balloons decor.

"Little Princess 1st" design for table cover, paper plate, paper cup, birthday hat and napkins. 

Light tone and hot Pink paper ball decoration in small and big sizes to complete the theme. 

I decorated her stroller with balloons and pink twirls strings instead of getting the baby high chair to save space. The balloons are all manually pumped. 

The cake. Everyone wants the first cake to be classy, stylish and cute of course delicious. I picked SUGAR HUGS ARTISAN CAKES. Delivery was on time, apart from that, I was part of every detail for the cake design which makes it even more lovelier as I want the theme and the cake to be related. The cake was soft and sweet with the right amount of chocolate cover taste. The decoration was fabulous! 

 Top view of SUGAR HUGS cake.

 ZARA 1 topper from SUGAR HUGS.

Zara 1 by SUGAR HUGS.

Top view of the pink cake for Zara by SUGAR HUGS.

The treats. I was able to find good deals for biscuits and organic lollipops. The usual cupcakes, marshmallows, and strawberry stick wafer. Loot bag package: Favor Value Pack Hello Kitty (Contains 8 Loot Bags, Stickers, Activity Sheets, Maze Puzzles, Mini Tops & Fuzzy Balls) and Toys R Us dress me up stickers set, which kids totally enjoyed. 

The food for the guests are home made. =)

I have to say my warmest THANK YOU to my neighbors / friends who helped me one way or the other in making this event happen. For the friends who came, hug to each and I hope you had fun with us. For friends who greeted online, I wish you were here!

I hope Zara would one day look at these pictures and appreciate how blessed she is and that she is surrounded by adorable people. 


smita said...

Hi dine!! Must say the event was very good!! You really have taken lots of efforts to make it successful!! It was really very well organised!! Each small thing was taken into consideration.. And yes thanks for sending me the link of the blog...I really enjoyed watching and reading it...Wish I could attend....Keep it up...Have many more such birthdays of the little one!! Be blessed!!

Nadine Sarfraz said...

Thank you for reading promptly! I enjoyed the entire thing. I hope reading this made you smile and think of your young lady. I would have definitely loved to see you again. I will post more here about my motherhood journey, drop by again. Thank you again!!

Wilma Lapuz said...

Thanks for inviting us to be part of this very special occasion.