Friday, August 8, 2014

Toddler explore

Baby Zara turned 18 months and this comes with lots of expectations and must do's. I heard for some babies they start going to playgroup and some showing terrible two symptoms. 

To keep Zara active, I checked out newly renovated or opened play area in town (country). I found that Cool De Sac arrived and franchised in Suntec City mall nearest MRT is Esplanade station or Promenade station. 

Our visit was pretty late at night, we arrived there 8pm and spend time until they closed at 10pm. Entrance Fee for Zara was 10SGD plus 2 accompanying adults. I suggest bring your own socks for comfort and hygiene. 

Zara loved each zone as we let her try each of them in no rush. We are lucky to find the place almost empty because of the timing. I can imagine how this huge area can hold a bunch of parents and care giver during day time. 

There are many section in the play area where children can develop skills and be active. I will sure bring Zara again

We liked this area because Zara can colour and do stamp on paper while seated.

We let Zara climbed this rope so she can develop some muscles. 

This slide is too high for me, but Zara enjoyed it so much we ended up spending half the time in this area. Though it may look steep it can actually support your fall and make a proper stop at the bottom. 

Zara liked the tots area as well but this table in the art section is her fave.

We just got some paper and crayon to start the play time. 

***Photos here are taken using my Samsung Note3

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