Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zara turns 1derful

Today is not only 1derful for Zara but also for us, her parents. 

Zara turns the big ONE today and it feels so great to look back and see her now. My memory brings me back to January 14, 2013 at 14:13H, my baby delivery experience and all its glory ;)

She is no longer our newborn but a full grown infant. 

Let me list the things she can do:

1. She can now waddle her way around the house. 
2. She can now crawl like a pro. 
3. She knows her food. She can now drink from a straw. Drinks in a bottle water / cup.
4. She play his tiny trumpet by blowing it. 
5. She can now clap her tiny hands.
6. She can close and open her fingers. 
7. She can kiss on my cheeks. 
8. She loves peek-a-boo 
9. She loves the pool / baby spa / water playground / bath tub
10. She can head wobble / bobble if she doesn't want something
11. She can say mamma and pappa 
12. She can wave her hand bye bye 
13. She can push her musical activity walker / movable crib / laundry bag / light chairs
14. She picks up objects and licks them. This means she can pick up biscuits and eat them. 
15. She loves watching MOTHER GOOSE and BABY BUM videos and dances with it
16. She babble big time
17. She eats steam and mashed carrot potatoes broccoli and avocado 
18. She loves Heinz and Cerelac 
19. Learns to put the phone on her ear and babble 
20. turns the pages of a magazine / baby book
21. dances to music 
22. smiles on camera 
23. sleeps before midnight and wakes up around 9am
24. walks in the sand seashore with water gushing on her tiny feet
25. likes baby wipes to clean her face

All of the above makes me feel like she is a super tiny star! She achieved so much in 12 months. 

Looking back at the pregnancy and first few crucial months - it is all worth it! She is truly a blessing and a source of joy to us. 

To all the other parents who are celebrating their babies first birthday hooray to us! 

Today I made baby Zara try the Baby Spa at Westgate Mall in Jurong East. She loved the experience. 

For our tiny family celebration, hubby brought us to Quayside Isle Sentosa Cove to have birthday dinner for baby Zara. It was a fabulous day! We love you baby Zara.

To my Mom - Mommy Rachel, Thank you for showing me how to juggle life and work and everything else. Having a child of my own made me remember all the things you did for me. Your voice is my strength and your presence is a gift from God. 

To my Dad - Daddy Ando, Thank you for loving ma best way you can and having us - eight kids. For all the years of parenting, I salute you dad! 

To my husband - Sarfafi, remember the first heart beat! From the coffee shop to what we are now, thank you for being my greatest support and best friend. You are the best Pappa to our lil Zara. 

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