Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baby Hair Cut

First hair cut happened on baby Zara's 40th day. Hubby shaved her curly locks off in an uneven manner because I was holding baby Zara and she moves a lot. Mother in law said keep the locks and I'm sure its in one of the cupboards in the house. I don't mind following his family tradition as Zara's hair grows fast and its becoming thick that she is always sweating. 

This time baby Zara turned 11 months (Dec.14) and her curly hair has grown like a li'l' lion hair, thats why hubby suggested to have the professional baby hair cut. I am yes excited because I have never seen baby having hair cut. Thats why I did not come unprepared, I dropped by Daiso to get the baby neck-body cover for hair cutting, but wasn't able to use it as the shop has their own cover. 

I paid 22 SGD for the baby hair cut and Zara's cheeks are more visible now. It started by me taking Zara to my lap and auntie hair cutter placed the cover for me and one for baby Zara. Auntie opened the small screen playing cartoons and placed some toys in front of us as she takes her comb and hair scissors. Baby Zara was overwhelmed by the brushing of the comb and her position, I guess, as she cries her heart out during the hair cutting session. No other customers after us so its okay to mess and take time. I had to stand up as auntie follows because baby Zara wasn't sitting properly and twisting her body. Good job Auntie you made a haircut to this cutie baby! 

The finished haircut of baby Zara looks neat and short hair. I had to place a white floral clip on her dark black hair to make it more girly. 

I think the early we start the baby to experience grooming will be beneficial when they grow up. Its a good bonding experience!

Baby Items: Jersey Top and Jersey Leggings from H&M KIDS wear
Photos taken by my friend Cris Tay using my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100. 

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