Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas 2014

The town is changing again from the usual scene to something vibrant, bright, and interesting.

If you haven't been out and about, step out and check the beautiful decors at Orchard Road malls, Westgate and Jem mall,both new in the west are also showing creativity.

The most recent Christmas decor that we saw was the one at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Baby Zara cannot contain her joy when she saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as huge as like what they've made. It is made of flowers and surrounded with flowers, the flowers are in fullbloom and the lights added more life to the colors.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Toddler Alert

Big changes are happening with our toddler here. 

I am getting anxious if we should send her to a playgroup since it is a trend these days for early learning and most kids in town are doing so, plus this can also be my 'me time' when toddler Zara is away, and my blah blah goes on. Hence, I started checking from Department of Education the upcoming playgroup in our area. Many thanks to expat magazines for updating parents about international schools and top kids school in town. All this information makes us identify our priorities for a toddler school. 

1. The type of educational approach e.g. Montessori (which my parents enrolled me at age 4), kindergarten preschool educational approach, Heguru or Shichida method 

2. Location (in consideration of travel time and weather conditions - rain or haze period)

3. length of class time 

4. the fees and total cost 

5. teacher skills (background and experience) 

Sleeping habits
These days she sleeps entire afternoon from 2 to 6pm making her bedtime midnight and waking time at 10am following day. Ideally, I would like to set toddler Zara morning waking time latest 8am and nap time before lunch or a little after lunch time then play time from 5pm and bedtime at 9pm - this is work in  progress mode.

Toilet training
I am pretty old school in this case. As soon as toddler Zara wakes up in the morning, I would direct her to the toilet and make her sit in her child potty chair while I sit on the toilet lid cover. I would make this pee pee sound and talk to her reminding her to do pee pee now. If nothing comes out of it, I tell her 'later we will try again' and ask her to wash hands now before leaving the toilet. When she finally does, I would praise her, 'Good job Zara, look, that's your pee pee, now mommy will flush and clean your pee pee chair' then ask her to wash hands - this too I use the foaming hand soap so she gets interested in bubbles and wash nicely. During this time I do not use diaper. Wherever she pee or poop (she would be standing somewhere amazed and disgusted), I show her what she produced and tell her what was it and advise her that she should pee or poop in the toilet (in 3 days she will get the idea of what you're trying to teach). This procedure was done in 7 days! Zara is in the stage where she pulls my hand to the toilet for pee or poop. She wants to be left alone when its poop and she will call me when she is done. 

Clothing preferences
The day your toddler pick her socks and shirt to wear is actually an amazing time. She gets to appreciate her appearance by showing off a Peppa Pig character in her tee or a nice pink dress. 

This time toddler Zara picks french fries over banana that she used to love. Eating alphabet soup versus oats. It is a challenge to prepare a meal that is delicious and nutritious at the same time, since Zara has Cows Milk Protein Allergy it is important for me to serve her fresh food with no dairy ingredients and milk. 

Expect slight fever and biting. Zara baby's teeth are coming one after another so sometimes she gets moody and does not want to chew or bite. I brush her teeth first while I sing a rhyme - this is the way we brush our teeth! Then after that I show her how I brush my teeth. 

Physical Developments
Toddler Zara now likes to push chairs around, climb playground levels, screams, laugh loud, race to one point to another, swimming with the toy ducks, loves to blow bubbles, do slide and seesaw. 

Habit forming
Before going to sleep I bring out two books for me to read to her (just browse pages if she lacks interest) or she can play around with. I saw videos where toddlers can speak words by showing them flashcards. I did a little experiment with Zara and we're happy to share with you our little achievement: 

Friday, August 8, 2014

National Day August 2014

The malls are fully decorated of red and white flags and posters, the cars have decorated their side mirrors with the flag design, the residential areas are flying the flag in each home, the shops are posting sale with more red and white items, the newspapers are giving announcements what to see on national day and whats on sale, the skies are showing planes rehearsal for the event. 

The hype and excitement is everywhere. 

We do have our fair share. 
Toddler stamping with other kids

Stamp the bag time

Zara giving her SMILE

Zara loves her freebie stamped bag

Zara likes the kid and stood in 

Cheers! Happy Birthday 49th Singapore!

Baby Zara's first watch: Flu Our Flag SG snap on watch. She loves it so much!

The National Day event was grand. We managed to spot a space just beside the Marina Bay Sands after watching The Sound of Music theatre play. The Marina Bay Sands hotel was beaming the flag emblem. The fireworks was amazing. The parade was astonishing. 

Here are some snaps by photographer Sarfraz Safir: 

Toddler explore

Baby Zara turned 18 months and this comes with lots of expectations and must do's. I heard for some babies they start going to playgroup and some showing terrible two symptoms. 

To keep Zara active, I checked out newly renovated or opened play area in town (country). I found that Cool De Sac arrived and franchised in Suntec City mall nearest MRT is Esplanade station or Promenade station. 

Our visit was pretty late at night, we arrived there 8pm and spend time until they closed at 10pm. Entrance Fee for Zara was 10SGD plus 2 accompanying adults. I suggest bring your own socks for comfort and hygiene. 

Zara loved each zone as we let her try each of them in no rush. We are lucky to find the place almost empty because of the timing. I can imagine how this huge area can hold a bunch of parents and care giver during day time. 

There are many section in the play area where children can develop skills and be active. I will sure bring Zara again

We liked this area because Zara can colour and do stamp on paper while seated.

We let Zara climbed this rope so she can develop some muscles. 

This slide is too high for me, but Zara enjoyed it so much we ended up spending half the time in this area. Though it may look steep it can actually support your fall and make a proper stop at the bottom. 

Zara liked the tots area as well but this table in the art section is her fave.

We just got some paper and crayon to start the play time. 

***Photos here are taken using my Samsung Note3