Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NYE 2014 Boracay Philippines

Manila to Kalibo flight took one hour apart from the waiting time of 2 hours delay because of the weather condition in our destination Kalibo. 
Arrival in Kalibo. We booked our island transfer to SOUTHWEST TOURS BORACAY INC. Instead of our pre-booked chartered van Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port we are transferred to their bus after 1 hour waiting time. Make sure you collect a ticket to your island transfer agent as soon as you exit the baggage counter in the airport. The continuous rain the previous night had caused the rise of water in the river and caused a flood. Only bus can pass the flooded roads. 
Caticlan Jetty Port. Please prepare cash because this has many fees you never knew existed and might eat up your time such as Terminal Fee and Environmental & Admission Fee, plus the long queue to boarding the boat ride to BORACAY island.
Our chartered boat ride wasn't seem feasible at first because of the delay from van to bus ride. We talked to the staff of Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. and luckily they were able to arrange the pre-booked chartered boat transfer to Boracay island. 
Arriving in Cagban Port Boracay Island. Southwest Tours Boracay Inc. staff was waiting to assist our pre-booked van transfer port to hotel. Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. Pre-booked rooms was efficiently assisted. The stay was convenient because you just have to walk to the seashore and tricycle ride is accessible as it is located in the main road. 

For first timers, I suggest you visit Station 1 and go your way to Station 3. 

There are many water sports to try and enjoy with friends. Be open to try local food and international cuisine. 

Our Boracay New Year 2014 celebration was under the rain with a full fireworks show at midnight. It was lovely!

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Wilma Lapuz said...

Nadine, glad you enjoyed the vacation. You and Sarf deserved it :)