Sunday, March 2, 2014

Children Entertainment

Parents would do anything to brighten their kids day and at the same time learn something new about life. 

Have you tried visiting children's play area? 

Since baby Zara is just a little over 1 year old, there is not much option to bring her to and let her play because she just started walking, but we both manage to enjoy:

1. Malling - I would let baby Zara walk a couple of steps and then place her back to the stroller

2. Park - late afternoon time would be recommended as kids do get sweaty fast, baby Zara loves to see other kids play and run around. She can also experience the texture of floor and greenery views.

3. Roof garden / Water play area - This is something new because not all malls worldwide offers a rubberized flooring and themed garden for kids to play with water. Baby Zara loves to walk and play with water by looking at other kids she is encouraged to walk faster since they are running about and around.

4. cartoon themed kiddie rides - You just have to invest coins for some few minutes of music and bumpy ride for your kids to enjoy. Baby Zara learns how to share a seat and get off once the ride is over but this can be a little dramatic since babies can have a hard time to let go. 

5. Mall Playground - Its fun because there can be too many kids at one time and baby Zara can be just amused by looking at other kids running and its free

6. Indoor Kids play area - These are the organized and maintained children entertainment venues. I recently experience GO GO BAMBINI at DEMPSEY HILL. The place is good for families because at one end parents can eat and relax while the kids are at the loop of organized play areas. Since Zara is still a baby there is a section for babies - a tub full of small round colorful balls, a rainbow bridge like crawler station, a mini bus ride. Baby Zara enjoyed entire time plus she wanted to join the bigger kids area so i brought her there and she had to manage sharing big time. Kids do talk and comment a lot plus tiny shouts here and there that made baby Zara imitate them. Total cost was 19+SGD. Highly recommended if you're waiting for hubby to finish a lunch meeting on a Saturday or simply wanting baby / kids to be tired enough to sleep by the time you get home. I haven't tried the food though, which gives me a good excuse to visit again!  

We also manage to visit The Petite Park in City Square Mall around 8pm which gives us time to enjoy our late night before we hit home.

7. Outdoor children play area - The best are the themed ones. The Westgate mall in Jurong East MRT just recently opened and comes the biggest outdoor themed play area for kids. The area is divided into two: entrance part is for little peeps from waddlers to toddlers and the rest of the place are for 2 - 12 years old. Baby Zara enjoyed sitting on her own to the tree logs and touching giant garden creatures. 

The City is a made up city-like interactive play area where children can dress up and role-play where they can actually move things and be who they want to be. The play area is divided into parts of an actual city life such as clinic, parlour, police station, fire station, classroom school, restaurant, driveway, supermarket, super hero corner, arts table and build up blocks corner. The entire place is neat, clean, and has a separate place for guardians (parents/helper) to seat and wait for their kids. Food is also available and can be consumed within the waiting area. For more details click THE CITY

Here are some photos: 

Baby Zara enjoyed the interactive play she had. I don't mind visiting again.

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