Friday, March 28, 2014

March On

March Madness. 

This is the time of the year for the graduates, for the cherry blossoms or sakura to bloom, for festivites such as HOLI, Mardi Gras, St.Patrick's day and other cultural events alike, of which I celebrated once before. 

Now that I am officially a mom, I am into baby milestones. Baby Zara at 14months started to have teeth making her a late teether. As much as I am liberated to see those tiny white sprouts, her crankiness and mood change is also there. The experience gets exciting, she had fever so I related this to the teething but my hubby read more articles online and suggested that we see her pediatrician. Doctor said she is having throat infection. This is just surprising because there is only us in the house and none has this but the doctor said this can be caught from public places, maybe other baby had this from the cinema or the playground that we went to visit. Getting more interesting, the following day my husband gave baby Zara some rice I made for him and this gave allergic reaction to baby Zara. The rice I cooked with margarine and specifically told hubby not to feed baby Zara anything else but baby food while I do some other house chores. After less than 15 minutes, to our horror baby Zara's face turned red and her eye lids swollen. We rushed her to a nearby General Practitioner / Family Doctor to have a quick check up and breathing observation. We went to her pediatrician and took prescriptions. Baby Zara officially has cows milk and dairy products allergy.

As parents, we do our best, the way we know it best, and anything more we can give we would do and give. 

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