Saturday, April 5, 2014

April moving house

April is a season for "new life" may it be flowers / plants or the bunny eggs tradition :) 

This month is pretty 'new' for me, we needed to renew our rental contract but we decided to transfer to a new home. Thanks to local estate listings online, we were able to locate units we needed to view. Our landlord was able to close a deal for our place in one week because its clean, pretty new condo and fully furnished. At our end, we just submitted the letter of intent / LOI and a deposit which has to be confirmed by signing a tenancy agreement / TA. Our progress with our new home is pretty slow than I expected compared to this first tenancy that we had, mainly because our new landlord has several issues that needs to be met halfway or reach a compromise soonest.    

Why pick a condo TOP Year 1998 over a condo TOP Year 2013? It's all about space. Yes, after all the nitty-gritty discussions, we decided to move. 

For first time movers:

1. Check that all furnishings / bulb lights that landlord owns are in good condition, functional, and not broken. gather all keys, warranty, and paid bills.

2. Have the air conditioner serviced the last month of your stay and keep the receipt for landlord copy

3. Dry clean / wash all curtains the last month of your stay and keep the receipt for landlord copy

4. Pack soonest - Buy huge plastic bags for toys, clothes / bed sheets, boxes for utensils, DVD / CDs and books

5. appoint a clean up day before returning the keys to the owner to make sure the house is clean

6. double check all pipes to secure good condition 

7. Call landline, TV, and internet provider on the process of transferring the services (gas / electiricty / water) to a new address 

8. request change of address to all of your subscriptions and your service providers e.g. memberships, magazine, mobile service provider, clubs, organization, 

9. get rid of unwanted items, use up frozen food and cleaning supplies 

10. gather all documents and valuables in one pile / box

11. collect deposit in good faith in your administration for facility rental and usage

12. return things borrowed and collect items lent to others

13. pack first the things you use the least and last the ones you use the most

14. put a number and label where to put the boxes /  fragile

My plans for the transfer: 

1.  at least 3 days before the occupancy day - polishing / dust off / vacuum the entire house, de-scale faucets, deodorize the mattress, mold out tub caulk, and spray insecticide 

2.  leave potpourri or scented gel in the toilet, moth balls for the cupboards / cabinets 

3. buy new bulbs and change the previous ones

The task to check mark all of the above is still waiting to unfold. Meanwhile, I am excited to dress up the new home, getting busy checking out simple house decor for family with a toddler. 


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