Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby Teething

Baby Zara had her first tooth after her first birthday. She did not drool much though she wanted to lick and chew on almost anything that is harder than her pacifier. These past two week she now has four front teeth, upper and lower gums. She loves biting or suckling her fingers. Since I am still on breastfeeding mode, yes, she did bite once, I screamed my life off, and she got scared and cried. Now she knows not to bite. 

This is also the time we started searching in the super market / grocery stores which baby food or biscuit will she like gnawing. Putting in mind that baby Zara cannot tolerate milk or any milk derivatives. I am guessing this is a protein ingredient in the formula milk or any item thats causing her allergic reaction to flare up but for the meantime we will choose safety by choosing no diary products and milk derivatives in her diet. 

I just bought her soft silicone finger toothbrush just to prepare her for the real brush soon. I am in search for a safe toothpaste for her since she is reacting to items that are usually normal to other babies. 

Mothers, we take one step at a time. We learn, we listen to others recommendation, we research, all to give the best care possible. 

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