Saturday, May 3, 2014

Johor Premium Outlets visit

I realized after arriving back home that there are more baby items bought compared to me and hubby. I guess this is one of the perks of parenting, you end up thinking more of another  human being, more than yourself which was not the case before having a baby. This gives me a big smile right now. 

We decided to explore the outlet shops for the weekend. The day was bright but the skies is not promising in the afternoon, it looked like it will have thunders and rain all day. Anyhow, we went for the trip and had a good day. The drive was smooth and short. The Johor Premium Outlets infrastructure reminds me of McKinley Hill or Eastwood City in Manila, Philippines, both are shopping and dining centre. 

Baby Zara was nice enough to walk around and enjoy viewing items in the shops. We head for the food court after the long drive and had tea break. We saw those rented portable stroller with basket behind in bright yellow, green, and red colours. We took the yellow stroller that has TAXI sign on it and baby Zara loved it, she even lets us put the seatbelt without a fight. The layout of the place was simple so it was easy to push the stroller almost everywhere, it was a bumpy ride for baby Zara but inside the stalls it was awesome and smooth. 

For dinner we picked Absolute Thai and we loved it. 

The shopping I would rate as good. For those items that you really wanted to have, its more affordable here, but the size might sometimes be out of stock. 

I must come again! 

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