Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Infant loves the beach

I want to share my experience bringing a baby to Boracay beach. 

Here is my 'baby must have for the beach' list: 

1. Hypoallergenic Baby Sunblock e.g. Baby Blanket faces cream and spray Sunscreen SPF 45 from Mothercare shop

2. Baby swim wear with UV protection e.g. Rip Curl Tots peaked UV LS Springsuit (loved this because it has a cap extension from the romper, since baby Zara is active, having a separate cap would be a hassle)
3. Swim diapers 

4. Light Cotton Infant clothes 

5. Kiddie Tent e.g. Cirkustalt Children's tent from Ikea (easy to assemble and baby Zara enjoyed the beach view playing toys inside)

6. Diaper bag including the set of diaper rash cream and baby skin moisturizer 

7. Inflatable baby life vest, swimava pink neck floater and Intex yellow baby seat float with sunshade canopy 

8. play mat and favourite toys or beach toys 

Baby Zara initially hates the feeling of sand in her toes so she cries but I made her walk in the seashore where the sand is constantly rushed by ocean water and she likes it!

9. beach towels 

10. baby food 

11. mosquito repellent patch / spray or Johnson's Baby Clear Anti-Mosquito Lotion

12. baby wipes 

13. baby carrier e.g. Babybjorn

14. baby oil (to put after swim to protect baby skin from chill ocean breeze) 

15. baby powder after shower for cool effect on baby skin

The ocean can be really salty so be ready to sprinkle bottled water so they won't make a fuss while swimming or playing in the sand. 
 Try to bring stuff that makes your baby more comfortable with this new environment. 

16. Finally, your medical kit. Baby fever, cough, skin itchiness cream, allergy, bug bite cream, saline drops, vitamins, medicine dropper, thermometer, alcohol wipes, and tummy ache relief. 

While letting your baby enjoy the scenery and every new thing there is.. HAVE FUN!

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