Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mini session Baby Photography

I have always adored how these baby pictures just captures and melts your heart with those innocent poses and brilliant smiles. We decided to make one!

Nature is the best backdrop ever, and so we head on to the nearest pleasant looking pond. This is not just any pond, the story is that this area was used to be a granite quarry back in the days, preserved into a park. The beauty of this pond is that it's path walks are accessible to main road and MRT.  

From the MRT you will follow the way towards the BUKIT GOMBAK STADIUM sports recreation centre but before you enter the gate there would be a stone path on the right side of the gate, this would be the way to the BUKIT BATOK TOWN PARK.  

The footsteps downward to the pond is like a bringing you to a new world outside city. There are granite blocks and stone seats, old trees, lighting for the pathway and a beautiful granite hill sitting on the pond. There are bird sounds inside those trees up in the granite hill. Most of the view is green plants or trees everywhere, it is nothing but lovely and relaxing!

For the photographer details email me at nadinesarfraz@gmail.com for info.

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