Friday, August 8, 2014

National Day August 2014

The malls are fully decorated of red and white flags and posters, the cars have decorated their side mirrors with the flag design, the residential areas are flying the flag in each home, the shops are posting sale with more red and white items, the newspapers are giving announcements what to see on national day and whats on sale, the skies are showing planes rehearsal for the event. 

The hype and excitement is everywhere. 

We do have our fair share. 
Toddler stamping with other kids

Stamp the bag time

Zara giving her SMILE

Zara loves her freebie stamped bag

Zara likes the kid and stood in 

Cheers! Happy Birthday 49th Singapore!

Baby Zara's first watch: Flu Our Flag SG snap on watch. She loves it so much!

The National Day event was grand. We managed to spot a space just beside the Marina Bay Sands after watching The Sound of Music theatre play. The Marina Bay Sands hotel was beaming the flag emblem. The fireworks was amazing. The parade was astonishing. 

Here are some snaps by photographer Sarfraz Safir: 

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