Friday, February 7, 2014

I joined Carousell - sell new and preloved items

The joys of online selling. 

I just made my first sale. Thanks to Carousell for creating a platform to sell and shop new and pre-loved items. 

My first postings were products such as shawl and baby dress that I was able to buy from our India vacation during the CNY holidays. 

My second batch of items are the swimming stuff that was unused from our Boracay vacation such as Swimming Vest for adults and kids and swimming diapers. 

As a beginner to this method of selling and buying, I was reluctant to chat too much information about me, but I have tons of inquiry about the product. My first buy was a bag, and I wasn't too happy about the quality of what was sold to me but I bought it anyway. Today I just made my first sale which was 4 pcs of swimming diapers and a baby swimming vest. I did not earn much but the thrill of giving something nice and useful to another person was good enough. 

For all the other moms who are having a joyous time in online business cheers to you and I salute the work behind it. 

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