Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kochi Kerala INDIA

Instead of my in-laws to come and visit us, we planned to visit them. The timing is perfect since there is a weekend celebration for the Chinese New Year of the Horse 2014! 

Kerala is our destination. Kerala is known for its greenery views, agriculture, scenic water landscape, forts, and rich cultural heritage. 

Coastal vacation. For the flight tickets we learned the hard lesson to double check the timings because just when you think you are spending more vacation days the timings can actually trick you, e.g. Departure Sunday 130am. You can not count Sunday as one more day of vacation because you are actually going to the airport 10pm Saturday night. Then, the luggages, yes we do say travel light but with infant onboard, I did pack more than I needed. Since it is a coastal area with many trees around, a mosquito repellent  is a must bring item, if portable net is available do bring one! I did get light baby clothes and yes it has to be covered legs and arms. 

Foodie in me was screaming 'yum yum yum' every meal time. If there is something I have noticed in the dishes, it always has coconut oil or coconut milk in it. Onion, turmeric powder, chilli powder, masala power, coriander powder, and ginger garlic are usually in most dishes. Here are some of the food that I was able to taste: 

Take a look at some pictures I managed to capture:

The best eye brow shape I had is by Pretty Face Ladies Beauty Parlour at Panampilly Nagar Road, flocked by ladies every minute of the day. This cost me only .608 SGD = 30 RUPEE winner!! compared to my 20SGD brow service in Orchard. saving much!

I love the sunny weather, greenery view and nearby sea shore. The smell of the sea and busy day view from the balcony makes me feel so rested. The city is busy, I don't dare to drive. I did visit few painting shop, clothes shop, beauty shop, grocery store, and jewelry shop and it truly shows the culture and a taste of life in Kochi Kerala. 

For additional pictures of KERALA 90 years ago

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